It is an important fact that promotion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu doesn’t come as quickly as other martial arts.  It takes time to develop the knowledge and skill that BJJ requires to advance.  We actively “spar” or “roll” to enhance our abilities and develop real world application.  Jiu Jitsu relies on live rolling to develop the technique and timing required to know that it will work in a real situation.  Stripes represent progress, and Belts represent reaching a new level and responsibility.  Stripes and Belts are earned, and athletes receiving a new rank can feel proud when they achieve these new levels.  Stripes are Earned, not given.

General Guidelines According to IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation)

Belt Promotions are to be given by IBJJF Certified Professors and Instructors Only.  This is designated by IBJJF in the General Guidelines as described in Article 5 and 6.

Belt Requirements:

Strict Adherence to the Guidelines set by the IBJJF (International Brazilan Jiu Jitsu Federation).  Member must meet all requirements for the respective belt level, including but not limited to:

  • Minimum Time at Previous Belt Level (Minimum being met does not automatically qualify the athlete for the next rank)
  • Participate in the Minimum number of Classes at that Belt Level
  • Have the necessary knowledge of the Techniques Described for the respective Curriculum of the Belt Level you are trying to achieve
  • Demonstrate Proficiency in the above mentioned Curriculum

If you have been chosen to test for your next Belt Level click on the appropriate list for the techniques you will need to demonstrate.  Test are cumulative, so you must also be able to demonstrate the techniques from all of the previous belt tests.

Grey Belt Test Techniques List (ages 4 – 15 only)

Yellow Belt Test Techniques List (ages 4 – 15 only)

Orange Belt Test Techniques List (ages 4 – 15 only)

Green Belt Test Techniques List (ages 4 – 15 only)

Blue Belt Test Techniques List (ages 16+ only) requires minimum 1 year at previous belt depending on age

Purple Belt Test Techniques List (ages 18+ only) requires minimum 2 years at Blue Belt

Brown Belt Test Techniques List (ages 19+ only) requires minimum 1.5 years at Purple Belt, in some cases 2 years is the minimum.

Black Belt Test Techniques List (ages 20+ only) requires minimum 1 year at Brown Belt and 50 Hours of Teaching Class among other requirements set forth by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation.

The athletes and professors certified by IBJJF will have their belt rank recognized by an official sport organization. To be certified as a black belt by IBJJF, the athlete or professor must complete the necessary requirements.

The steps to apply for a Black Belt Certificate:

First, you need to provide IBJJF with the following documents:

– Black Belt Certificate Application form

– Must be signed by the Black Belt Professor you graduated from
– Professor MUST have 2 degrees or more.

– Membership Application Form
– Become CPR Certified
– IBJJF Rules Seminar Certificate of Completion (completed in the last 12 months)
– Copy of a valid photo ID (Driver License, Passport etc.. );

  • All USA residents are required to have a clean background check within the last year provided by SSCI. Please refer to the “background check page” for more information regarding background checks.

Other Black Belt Requirements are found in Article 5 of the IBJJF General Guidelines.

6.1 The membership form of an athlete graded in belts of gray, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and brown must be signed by
an IBJJF affiliated black belt.

6.2 The graduation of an athlete to black belt can only be signed by a black belt instructor that promoted them and must have at
least 2 degrees certified by IBJJF.

6.3 In countries or regions where there are not enough black belts for the development of the sport, IBJJF will accept purple belt and brown belt athletes to sign as instructors. Once the minimum number is reached, the use of instructor status will be suspended.

6.31 Brown belt instructors can only graduate athletes to purple belt and purple belt instructors can only graduate athletes
to blue belt.

What happens after you earn your Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?  Read this article on How to earn the rank of “Master” in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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